Why do Cold Drinks Make Me Cough

Why do Cold Drinks Make Me Cough?

The reason behind Cold Drinks makes you cough is that cold drinks contain soda and caffeine which is a dehydrating agent. These elements make the water removed from the body. The dehydration dries your body, skin, and throat. This dryness of the throat cause itching and stimulates cough.

Table of Contents

  • Cold Drinks Consumption
  • Cold Drinks Effects and Side Effects
  • Three 3 Reasons for Making Cough after Consuming Cold Drinks
  1. Narrowing of Airways or Bronchospasm
  2. Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease—GERD
  3. Some Elements of the Cold Drink act as Irritants

Cold Drinks Consumption

Cold Drinks are one of the pickiest products around the world. The population of France consumed around 2.8 billion units of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks between the years 2019-2020. The revenue from selling cold beverages in France was 5.3 billion Euros.

On the other side, every Brazilian takes around 58 to 60 liters of non-alcoholic beverages per year.  The UK market value of soft drinks was uphill to 13.64 billion pounds in 2020.

Cold Drinks Effects and Side Effects

Carbonated drinks are the most well-known and much-loved drinks of people all over the Sphere. The general public ingests it more in summer, but it’s a favorite liquid of winter too. Though it has somehow a bitter taste, it gives us refreshing energy and makes us hydrate.

It’s true when we gulp cold drinks, firstly we get hydrated as we are taking chilled and icy liquid. But, when caffeine and soda start to react, the water loss begins in the body.

Another reason is the presence of Tannins in cold drinks. It causes the same effects as soda and caffeine. After having a cold drink, you may suffer from Bronchospasm, GERD, Allergy, Mucus Hardening, Asthma, Postnasal Drip, Throat Irritation, and Infection.

In this article, we will tell you the three reasons for making a cough after consuming a cold drink.

Let’s get into the detail.

Three 3 Reasons for Making Cough after Consuming Cold Drinks

1.   Narrowing of Airways or Bronchospasm

When you intake any cold liquid or water, it makes your airways shrink or constrict, leading to a cough. The constriction of airways is called Bronchospasm. It’s a natural phenomenon to protect your internal organs. The air vessels dilate after 10 minutes but too much consumption of cold drinks may harm your air vessels.

2.   Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease—GERD

We all know that cold drinks carry acidic elements. When you have it, it elevates the acidity of your stomach. This high amount of acid uphill to the esophagus tract causes heartburn and cough. Coughing is the reflex action of the esophagus.

3.   Some Elements of the Cold Drink act as Irritants

When the summer burst, we run to drink cold drinks but some of us are allergic to icy things. In other ways, some people are allergic to cold liquids like water and cold drinks. To this allergic person, the cold sensation stimulates the throat muscles to spasm hence, causing a cough.

Final Verdict

Though cold drinks give you a fresh kick, in the meantime, it affects your respiratory system. You can ingest a carbonated and non-carbonated drink seldomly, but don’t be habitual of it. Your health and fitness are more important.