Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe without an Ice Cream Maker

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe without an Ice Cream Maker

Crack the icy yogurt recipe we bring for you. It’s a home-based recipe that does not require any ice cream maker. This is one of my summer favorite formulas. A vanilla frozen yogurt is a low-calorie, light-to-have, and top-flavored treat. Frozen yogurt is more tranquil than homemade ice cream because it can freeze quicker. The recipe vanilla frozen yogurt without ice cream maker is super easy, all you need to mix the ingredients in the pan and leave it to freeze.

Vanilla frozen yogurt is creamy, velvety, fresh, delectable, and light. It’s the best recipe for a summer treat. You can also store it for more than a month, and if you’re diet conscious or love tart frozen yogurt, you can reduce the amount of sugar.

In this article, we will share with you the recipe for home-based vanilla frozen yogurt that doesn’t require an ice cream maker. We will also tell you about the variations of frozen yogurt along with serving and storing tips. 

Table of Contents

  • Total Time Required to Make Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe
  • Good to Know the Nutrition Information
  • Ingredients Required for Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe
  • Instruction
  • Mixing
  • Freezing
  • Stirring
  • Freeze some more for Scoop-able Consistency
  • Which is healthier— Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?
  • Tips for Flavor Variations
  • Tips for Serving
  • Tips for Storage
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get started.

Total Time Required to Make Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Prep TimeRest TimeTotal Time
10 mins2 hrs 45 mins2 hrs 55 mins

Good to Know the Nutrition Information

For ½ Cup
Calories178 kcal
Saturated Fat4g

Ingredients Required for Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe

You only need to assemble simple 3 ingredients to make healthy frozen yogurt.

  • Yogurt ( Regular or Greek yogurt) (2 cups)
  • Sweetener (Honey or Sugar) (¼ Cup)
  • Vanilla Extract (1tbs)


  • You can use whole-milk yogurt or regular yogurt. But for this recipe, we would love to suggest using Greek Yogurt.
  • We use honey because it gives delicious flavor, but you can also use sugar or another coarse sweetener. Here, we need to clarify one thing, Greek yogurt is low in sugar.
  • You should use pure vanilla of high quality for an amazing result.


Though making vanilla frozen yogurt without using an ice cream maker is somehow time taking, but the technique is very easy. Below are the key steps:

1.     Mixing

Take a bowl, and pour yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract into it. Whisk to incorporate. You have to whisk it for several minutes until you get a smooth and fluffy structure. You can also use a food processor.

2.     Freezing

By using a spatula, move the vanilla yogurt mixture into a 9-inch baking dish. Spread the mixture uniformly. Wrap the dish with plastic, and let it freeze for 45 mins.

3.     Stirring

Take out the pan after 45 minutes and stir it thoroughly. By using a rubber spatula, mix the frozen yogurt from the edges too. Place back in the freezer for 2 hours.

4.     Freeze some more for Scoop-able Consistency

After the freezing of 2 hrs. and 45 mins, you will get a soft-serve consistency. If you want a scoopable consistency, then you can freeze it for one more hour.

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Which is healthier— Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?

Frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream because it is low in sugar and contains probiotics. And, if you want to make it healthier then you can use Greek yogurt. This will benefit your fitness in the long term.

Tips for Flavor Variations

You know the ground ingredients are honey, vanilla extract, and yogurt, but you can add fruits, nuts, and chocolates. It’s up to you if you add the puree of fruit or add chunks. 

If you want to add puree of the fruit then blend the fruit in the processor first. After blending, then add yogurt and honey.

If you love fruit chunks then mix yogurt and honey first in the processor and then add fruit. In this technique, you need to blend the fruits briefly so that you can see the chunks in your frozen yogurt.

We mostly use raspberry, chocolate, peach, or mango but the options are endless. You can add whatever you like which can enhance the flavor of frozen vanilla yogurt.

Tips for Serving

We like to top the homemade frozen yogurt with strawberry or blueberry. You can also use grilled or baked apple slices, grilled peaches, and apple crisps.

Tips for Storage

While keeping the vanilla yogurt in the freezer for a whole day, make sure to take it out a few minutes earlier before serving.

You can store it in an air-tight container for about a month. As matter of fact, long preservation may affect the flavor and taste of this healthy frozen yogurt. It will feel icier and less creamy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I just freeze yogurt to make frozen yogurt ice cream?

Ans. If you just freeze the yogurt, you will only get a solid icy yogurt. For the creamy texture, you should add fat and sugar and have to give a thorough whisk.

  • How do you freeze yogurt without ice crystals?

Ans. The addition of a small amount of corn syrup will avoid the formation of ice crystals. We use this trick too.

  • Why does homemade yogurt get slimy?

Ans. We know yogurt contains various bacteria which become active at different temperatures. Poor temperature control is the reason for getting the yogurt slimy.

  • Why do we need to stir more often? 

Ans. Stirring the vanilla yogurt will give you good consistency and avoid the formation of large crystals within the vanilla yogurt.

  • Is homemade frozen yogurt as flavorful as a commercial one?

Ans. It’s unlike commercial brands as we don’t use lots of sugar, emulsifier, stabilizers, and thickeners. So, you will not get the perfect texture and intense sweetness.