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30+ Gorgeous Spring/Summer Nails For Your Next Manicure

Other than a good pedicure, I don’t really spend a lot of time on my nails during the summer, as mine are very short. But I love admiring others’ gorgeously lacquered nails, especially covered in the season’s stunning pastel shades and rainbow nail hues. From watermelon to butterflies to matte to plaid, there are so many nail design options to consider for your fingertips. Here are 86 cute nail designs and shades for you to look for your spring/summer manicure!

Spring/Summer Nail Designs

1 . Soft Pink & Gold Glitter Nails

                              Source: @passion_unghie22

2. Mint Green Nails 


3. Nude Summer Nail Art 


4. Rainbow Pastel Nails


5. Soft Marble White & Gold Nails

Source: @safinailstudio

6. Kylie Jenner Orange Nails

Source: @kyliejenner

7. Pink and Gold Nails


8. Chunky Glitter Nails

Source: @nails_bylivv

9. Designer Label Nail Art 

Source: @shopkeeki

Source: @shopkeeki

10.  Rainbow Tipped Summer Nail Designs

Source: @md_ongles

11. Purple Marble Nails

Source: Instagram @beautyworksbyamy

13. Tropical Nail Art

                                                                    Source: @nailqueenie

14.  Summer Plaid Nails

Source: @nails.bab

15. Pink Chrome Nails


 16. Pastel Nail Design


17. Nude Beige Nails


18. Soft Metal Holographic Nails


19.  Butterfly Nail Designs


20.  Purple Glitter Nails

Which one is your favourite spring/summer nail design?