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25+ Winter Nail Colours To Cheer You Up This Season

Waiting for the long, cold winter? Me neither… dreary, overcast weather makes getting up early that much harder and no one likes waking up to a snow covered car and icy streets. But the good news is that winter isn’t forever and cold weather makes it perfect for turtlenecks, warm leggings, and winter nail colors! Spend those gloomy days planning your next winter manicure with these stunning winter nail ideas. These solid winter nail shades from OPI, Essie, Lights Lacquer, and Zoya are gorgeous and will make your nails pop!


*all images sourced from Instagram*

@OPI – The Pearl Of My Dreams


@OPI – Suzy And The Arctic Fox


@OPI – Feeling Berry Glam


OPI – Bring Out The Big Gems by @polishobsessed

OPI – My Private Jet by @allmyprettypolish


OPI – My Studios In Spring by @sarahstonepolished


OPI – Things I’ve Seen In Abergreen by @anc.nails


@OPI – Cave The Way

@OPI – Midnight Mantra


@OPI Less is Norse by @nailsncolour

@OPI – Funny Bunny by @by_karinely

@OPI Piece of Mined by @polishobsessed

@OPI Brown To Earth by @polishobsessed

@zoyanailpolish “Clarice” by @herblknails

@zoyanailpolish “Pixie” by @shmailshmolish

@zoyanailpolish “Beth” by @ldnailsxo

@zoyanailpolish Rachael by

@zoyanailpolish “Celestia” by @simplyjary

 Which winter nail shades are your favourite?