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20+ Valentine’s Day Nail Designs To Set Your Heart Aflutter

Have you already planned your nail look for Valentine’s Day? The day is fast approaching and whether you’re in a relationship or not, there’s no reason to leave your dull digits bare for the amorous occasion.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next beloved manicure, check out the photos below and start taking notes!



all nail designs sourced from Instagram*



80+ Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

1. Hello Love Nails by @sylwia.ka_1982


2. Black Heart Nails by @alyshanailartist and @kaitposey

3. Red Cupid Nails by @melous_nails

7. Lace & Heart Nails by @jen.the.nail.lady

4. Kiss/Lip Nails by @classicfiednails



5. Silver Heart-Tipped Nails by @nailperfectionbynatalie


6. Pastel Shimmer Nails by @ricekittynails

7. Lace & Heart Nails by @jen.the.nail.lady


8. Black-Tipped Glazed Nails by @marcipazur



9.  Fuchsia Heart Nails by @superszponki


10.  Blue and Red Heart Nails by @amberjhnails


11.  Red Shimmer Tipped Nails by @charsgelnails


12. Cupid Nails by @clarahnails


 13. Black Heart Nails by @jadejodynails


14. Pastel Heart Nails by @gandziuchaa


15. Red Tipped Nails by @dagmara.zajac_


16. Heart & Arrows Nails by @majamarkowcz


17. Pink and Black Nails by @nailsandbeautylounge_brandon

18. Matte Pink Heart nails by @martinesnails


19. LOVE Nails by @lizzy_naildesigns



 20. Black Heart-Tipped Nails by @vvytvarka




Have you picked your Valentine’s Day nail design? Be sure to follow my Heart-themed Pinterest nail board below for more inspiration!