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20+ Christmas Nail Designs To Rock This Winter!

Winter is upon us, and while most people dread snow, cold, and darker weather, we must remember that the season of gold, glitter, and all that glitters is on its way! And if glittery eyeshadows or candy cane lips aren’t your thing, maybe some winter-themed Christmas nails can give your eye a sparkle? From full acrylic nail art to simple yet stunning winter manicures, I share over 95 winter nail designs and polish colors that are sure to bring some inspiration to your next salon appointment this festive season. I’ve also linked to all the Instagram profiles for every nail photo, so you can find some great nail experts to follow on your feed!


1 – Gold Snowflakes from @matuszewsk.a


2 – Pink & White Festive Acrylic Nails from @home_of_deva


3 – Green Plaid from @thebeautyroombysarah


4 – Blue, White & Matte Winter Nails by @bornprettystore



5  – Winter Snowflakes by @the.artsy.nails



6 – Gold & White Shimmer  from @elegancja_paulina



7 – Gray Plaid Nails by @taryns.nails



8 – Purple and Gold Nails by



9 – Soft Pink Acrylics by @jet_set_beauty_nails



10 – Pink and White Nail Art from @_mejzi



11 – Hot Pink Holiday Nails by @zakolorovana_indigo_educator



12 – Pine Trees by @beauty_basecoat





13 – Warm Red Glitter Nails by @paula.nailsart


14 – Mauve & Snowflakes by @paula.nailsart




15 – Beige & Gold Glitter by @donatam_nails




16 – Soft Matte Pink Nails by @ujvary_aneta


17 – Black & White Nails by @monika_rola_educator


18 – Reindeer Nails by @_mejzi




19 – Rose Gold Glitter & Nude by @nelia_nails_ch


 20 – Nude Gingerbeard Nails by @____annails____




What Christmas nail designs will you be trying this festive winter holiday? Follow my Christmas Nails Pinterest board below for more inspiration!