10 Starbucks Drinks for People Who Don’t Like Coffee
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10 Starbucks Drinks for People Who Don’t Like Coffee

We are part of a society that mostly follows the coffee culture. We can’t deny the truth that caffeine or coffee gives us the energy kick and protects us from Parkinson’s and Liver Cancer.  But, there are a lot of people who exist in this world who don’t like coffee.

National Coffee Association (NCA) says in its online survey of 2016 that 19% of the folks don’t like the taste of coffee. Also, 21% of Americans bring their own bottles and containers to grocery stores and coffee shops.

So, from these facts, we came to know that there are some people who don’t follow the coffee culture. For them, there might be multiple reasons for not liking the coffee. Maybe they don’t like, it because of its earthy and bitter taste,  or they think coffee will tint their teeth. Some fellows might think it can cause stomach pain, or it’s moreish and unhealthy.

Those people who don’t like coffee can get fancy drinks anywhere. But we will suggest getting drinks from Starbucks. Though it’s expensive, it will pull you in as Starbucks has drinks for people who don’t like coffee.

The revenue of Starbucks in 2k21 was 2.39 trillion  Yes, it’s high-priced of course, but it has brought in merit in the world at large. In this article, we have brought the 10 most refreshing Starbucks drinks for you.

Table of Contents

  • 5 Starbucks Coffee that doesn’t  Taste Like Coffee
  1. Java chip Frappuccino
  2. Hazelnut Syrup Coffee Frappuccino
  3. Variable Flavored Ice Tea
  4. Mocha
  5. Vanilla Latte or Caramel Cappuccino
  • 5 Starbucks Non-Caffeine Drinks
  1. Iced Green Tea Lemonade
  2. Strawberry Frappuccino
  3. Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino
  4. Pink and Violet Drinks
  5. Hot Chocolate

Let’s dive into the list of caffeine and non-caffeine drinks.

5 Starbucks Coffee that doesn’t  Taste Like Coffee

We have listed down the 5 best Starbucks drinks for you that contain coffee but don’t taste like coffee.

1.  Java Chip Frappuccino —Gives you the savor of Blended Up Brownie

This drink contains coffee in it, but it doesn’t taste like coffee. The java chips and chocolate brownies are infused in them. The blended brownies hide the taste of coffee and the java chips give you the crust bite. But all in all, you will receive a punch of energy along with delightful flavors of java chips and brownies. We suggest you try. This Java Frappuccino will drool your mind.

2.  Hazelnut Syrup Coffee Frappuccino — Sweetest but Yummiest Drink

When we need an energy boost but don’t want to destroy our taste buds with the earthy taste of coffee, we order this drink.

The Coffee Frappuccino, which is a lodge with hazelnut syrup is very sweet though, but it will pull you out when you feel drained. The coffee in it works as an energizer, and the hazelnut syrup covered the taste of it.

3.  Variable Flavored Ice Tea — Perfect Summer Treat

Starbucks has also a variety of tea flavors like Pineapple black tea, Peach white tea and Strawberry green tea. All these drinks are suitable for those who don’t like the taste of coffee or even tea.

You can enjoy these flavored drinks in any forecast. We personally suggest you try strawberry green tea if you like strawberries. However, all the teas taste good.

4.  Mocha — Carries Fun Flavors like White Chocolate or Mint

If you need a coffee that seems like dessert, then try the Mocha. It is embedded with cream, espresso, steamed milk, coffee beans and chocolate syrup.

The chocolate and fun flavors like mint suppressed the bitterness of coffee, and give you a bunch of flavors that blow you in the air.

5.  Vanilla Latte or Caramel Cappuccino —Classic Coffee Drinks that don’t Taste Like Coffee

 The Vanilla Latte and the Caramel Cappuccino are shiny drinks that are thought to be classy. These drinks have a variety of flavors as well according to the season.

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Espresso and milk in the cappuccino dig down the taste of coffee and give you a delectable and delightful feeling of a wonderful drink.

5 Starbucks Non-Caffeine Drinks

People who completely avoid caffeine can have these 5 amazing and healthy drinks.

1.  Iced Green Tea Lemonade — Flexible Drink that can Freeze You

We know that Starbucks promotes the brand like a pro. The iced green tea lemonade is good in its lemonade taste, and it has almost no caffeine. It’s a good choice for every season. The iced lemonade tea tosses lemon grass, mint and lemon verbena along with the specialty of Starbucks freezing quality in it.

It’s overly sweetened as all the Starbucks drinks but if you don’t like the taste of lemonade then we have other options for you as well. Please scroll down to fetch out your choice of drink.

2.  Strawberry Frappuccino — Best Drink for Burning Days

Don’t misunderstand Frappuccino as it doesn’t contain caffeine. Take it into consideration as a milkshake or ice cream, as it is sweet and icy.

The strawberry Frappuccino is milky plus fruity along with the goodness of freshness and health. Try this velvety drink to elevate your taste and efficiency.

3.  Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino — A Party in Your Mouth

A pool of folks love chocolate and Starbucks modified this chocolate to another level. Yes, the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino is a kind of Starbucks drink that is non-caffeine but gives a blast of flavors in your mouth.

This cold drink combines ice, vanilla and double chocolate in itself, and makes it a most refreshing drink. Don’t think it will make you awake, but if you’re charged and need some flavors to enjoy the time, then must avail Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.

4.  Pink & Violet Drinks — Good-Look with Good-Taste Drinks

The name can accurately indicate the combination of fruits. Yes, the pink and violet drinks are the finest drinks Starbucks hold and it’s a superb pair for summer and spring.

These drinks are made up of coconut milk and berries. It’s heavenly amazing and suitable for a small treat.

5.  Hot Chocolate — Starbucks Signature Drinks

The Hot Chocolate of Starbucks is a kind of special snowflake drink. Starbucks adds velvety cacao and cream to make this drink strong, dark and rich.

Starbucks has seasonal hot chocolate flavors too. These include snickerdoodle, peppermint and salted caramel hot chocolate. You can get the desired hot chocolate flavor from their list.


All these drinks are delicious, authentic, and refreshing whether you opt from the caffeine list or the non-caffeine list. Enjoy!